There are many factors that will determine the success of an Australian immigration visa application. Immigration Laws in Australia are highly complicated and rapidly changing meaning there are many policies that only professional lawyers and registered immigration agents can thoroughly understand. If an application is refused or a visa is cancelled, you can apply for an Administrative Appeal Tribunal review*. S&W Group employs top professional experts in Immigration Law with a strong background in a large portfolio of successful AAT appeals. Experience and knowledge are powerful tools that S&W registered immigration agents use to make the appeal processes as easy and smooth as possible.


*AAT: Administrative Appeal Tribunal

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) conducts independent merits review of administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws.  AAT reviews decisions made by Australian Government ministers, departments and agencies and, in limited circumstances, decisions made by state government and non-government bodies. They take a fresh look at the relevant facts, law and policy and arrive at our own decision. Immigration cases such as reviewing the decisions of visa refusal and cancellations are included.


Student visa appeals


To enroll in an educational institution in Australia, international students require a Student Visa. However, under some circumstances it may be difficult to successfully obtain a Student Visa. 

Student Visa applications will be REFUSED if the applicant:

  • Does not have health insurance or has not passed a body check
  • Has not passed a character check
  • Has questionable motives for studying in Australia
  • Has transferred schools, courses and visas multiple times
  • Does not meet financial requirements
  • Or, if the application is incomplete or contains incorrect documents


Student visas will be CANCELLED if a student:

  • Fails to maintain enrolment in a registered course, and satisfy attendance and course progress requirements. (Visa Condition 8202)
  • Works more than 40 hours fortnightly. (Visa Condition 8105)
  • Fails to satisfy the requirements for grant of a student visa (Visa Condition 8516)
  • Fails to inform the Immigration Department of changing residential address when he first arrives in Australia, or fails to inform his education provider that he has received a confirmation of enrolment from another education provider (Visa Condition 8533)
  • Fails to maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while in Australia. (Visa Condition 8501)

If your student visa application is refused or your visa is cancelled, you still have a chance to apply for an AAT review. S&W Group’s legal team will support you with strong appeal cases to find the best way to explain your situation and overturn the Immigration Department’s decision.


Other visa appeals


Other types of visas (such as a Business Visa, a Temporary Graduate Visa, etc), may also be refused or cancelled due to a wide range of conditions. Similarly, these decisions may also be reversible. S&W Group’s immigration lawyers and registered migration agents, you can apply for an AAT review and make effective requests to reverse decisions by the Department of Immigration’s.