A successful appeal to a student visa application refusal

At S&W Group, we have a strong portfolio of successful appeals to a broad range of visa refusals and cancellations. We work meticulously and closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome with little hassle. Below are an example of how we approached cases and resolved complicated visa issues.


Having received a refusal of application for a Student Visa renewal, we worked with Jack to re-submit his application and overturn the initial rejection.


The Immigration Department alleged Jack had violated the 1994 Migration Regulations by transferring schools and changing courses during his study. Further, the Immigration Department suspected an immigration tendency and refused his application. The Department also issued a 35-day bridging visa, which meant Jack had to leave Australia within 35 days.


At this stage, Jack had two options:

  1. Leave Australia within 35 days and not return to the country for the next 3 years.
  2. Make an appeal to try to overturn the Department’s decision.

After receiving the refusal letter, Jack immediately sought help from S&W Group.

Following a review of the case in consultation with Jack, our professional team designed a communication plan to explain the rationale behind his transferring schools and changing courses. In addition, our team conducted a rehearsal for Jack to prepare the questions that would likely be asked during the real AAT hearing. On the day of the hearing, as expected, questions that came up in court were in line with what was practiced and Jack performed very well. The AAT determined that the Department of Immigration did not have sufficient evidence nor due reason to refuse the Student Visa application. 

Following the appeal,  S&W Group helped Jack to successfully resubmit his Student Visa application.


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